Anthology is
A cultural institution in which books and periodicals are printed, published and translated.
Anthology includes a library that contains thousands of literary political and artistic works originated from Lebanon and the Arab world.
Anthology organised cultural meetings and exhibitions of various aims and subjects:
An ecological exhibition with the cooperation of the American Embassy and the Lebanese organisation for environment and development.
An exhibition of photographs for the artist Hoda Cassatly «Beirut of yesterday».

An exhibition of oil paintings for the artist Ilham Mansour.
An exhibition of painting for the Armenian Soviet artist Razmig.
A conference about poisonous wastes with the Minister Bechara Merhej and the doctors
Pierre Malichef, Milad Jarjoui, Welson Rizk and Mr. Abdallah Zakhia.
A conference About «Union Syndicate Works» with doctor Ghassan Slaibi.
A philosophical Conference with doctor Nassif Nassar.
A conference with the deputy Nassib Lahoud about «the parliament elections».
Meetings concerning the freedom of the press that gave birth to the «Commune of Liberty».
There has also been a number books dedications and several meetings with writers
and dramatists and poets like : Oussama al-Aref, Ilham Mansour, Ft. Antoine Daou, Boutros Habib, Julia Kassar, Jalal Khoury, Jamal el-Assad, Joseph Abdallah, Gerard Figuie, Hamzeh Abboud, Rachid al-Daif, Roger Beghazi, Sassine Assaf, Samir Farhat, Sabah el-Nour,
Kaissar Ghossoub, Magui Aoun, Mahassen Ajam, Mohamed el-Abdallah, Nada Id, Nasri Fakhouri.


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